Our Mission

To provide an organized and transparent real estate platform to all stakeholders to buy, sell and rent/lease residential and commercial property with ease.

Core Values

The ABC and Z’s of our services

Innovation – Our team likes to stay ahead of the times. Our site, the way we work and the services we offer are driven by modernity and the latest technology.

Authenticity – The team prides itself in offering only the most genuine information on its website and in person. Extensive market research makes Zricks a storehouse of empowering information and services.

Client-Centricity – With ‘ease’, ‘convenience’ and ‘seamless functioning’ at the centre, our client-friendly services and online features make our offerings the best in the market.

Facilitation – Stemming from our focus on client needs, we facilitate various stakeholders into meeting on a common platform. We act as facilitators for various market agents and buyers.

The Z in Zricks

Zricks has been born out of the word bricks, but with a zing to it. Modeled to emulate a contemporarily stylized tile, our logo is a bold Z. Zrick’s Z inspires the company to scale the zenith with zeal. While the gray in our logo symbolizes stability and dependability the cardinal red adds energy, power and passion to the whole equation by offering evolving novelty services.

Humble Beginnings – How Zricks Started

The idea to develop an extensive online portal with exhaustive listings emerged out of scouring the internet for a portal that offers end-to-end realty solutions for a client. The problems that the founders faced during their exhausting online searches have only spurred us on to develop a service that covers all the bases. Zricks came about to cater to the needs and requirements of all stakeholders with intensive investment into market research. Essentially a marketplace, Zricks acts as a platform for meeting and transacting between various stakeholders. Simultaneously our services are directed towards minimizing the amount of effort it takes to find a dream home or the perfect office space and make the most profitable investment.


Management Profile

Dipti Agarwal – The Fearless Leader


Dipti is the spearhead of the Zricks team and has been pouring her heart, soul and might into creating the ideal, client-centric real-estate portal. Having completed her graduation in Business Management from the IILM Institute for Higher Education, she went on to complete her Masters in International Management from the University of Sheffield, UK. Bringing with her a gamut of fresh ideas and a thirst for innovation, Dipti’s belief in empowering consumers with accurate knowledge and premium services is Zricks’ stronghold.


Pankaj Agarwal – The Thinker


The man who inspects the most microscopic details of the business, Pankaj has whole heartedly invested his time and energy into ensuring that everything is just right. Having completed his bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, University of Delhi, Pankaj went on to acquire his master’s degree in International Business from Leeds University Business School in UK. Pankaj believes that getting the minutest of details right, is the only way to ensure quality service and high financial turnovers.


Prashant Agarwal – Jack of all Trades


Prashant is all about managing the larger cogs in the wheel that is this business. His managerial skills are nothing short of stellar and he actively focuses on ensuring that all the aspects of business function side by side like a well oiled machine. Prashant holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from IILM Institute for Higher Education in Gurgaon. From there, he went on to study in the University of Sheffield in UK where he acquired his master’s degree in International Management.


Uma Agarwal – The Creative Inspiration


Always on the lookout for new technology and new trends in the market, Uma has a knack for tapping the market’s pulse in the right way at the right time. Bursting with ideas and inspiration, she believes that innovation and re-invention hold the key to a successful, client-centric business. Uma not only holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from IILM Institute for Higher Education, Gurgaon but has also completed her Masters in International Management from the Strathclyde Business School in Scotland. Thinking out of the box and getting the best of ideas in motion for the convenience of the clients has always been Uma’s forte.